Review: The Last Meal by Yuno, Illustrated by Nadia Popova

Goodreads Blurb

The Last Meal compassionately tackles a difficult and controversial subject to educate readers about the death penalty. The story follows four fictional death row inmates on their final days before their executions. All of the characters are adorable birds who must face the consequence of their actions. Chase, Peter, Fred and James are each given the same opportunity to have one last special meal of their choosing to reflect on the past and find closure as they come to the end of their life.

My Review Rated 5 out of 5 Stars

Wow, what a powerful story. A book to educate children about the death penalty. A difficult subject made in simpler terms for children to understand. This book truly had me thinking what would be my last meal?

Really, the thought of a last meal is frightening for anyone, especially someone that is in jail waiting for their last day on Earth. What had my hairs standing up while reading this story is that a meal to everyone means something very special. It can remind you of a special moment in your life, it can remind you of someone special, it can remind you about all those meals you wish you had but didn’t.

A meal gives us strength, joy and happiness. I was touched by how each character is this book thought of their last meal as something very important and they searched for a last memory or a long past memory of the meal they had with their family. The guards going above an beyond to grant their last meal was even more powerful. This book will surely leave us thinking of a delicious meal with our family and cherishing those moments for a lifetime. If I had to choose a last meal, that meal would be a lobster. It’s my favorite food and my mom’s also. It will bring sweet memories of all those times we enjoyed a lobster together. Life is short and we should enjoy the foods we love!

Author Biography

Image taken from Yuno’s webpage

Yuno Imai is a best-selling children’s book author and Japanese writer based in Los Angeles. She specializes in writing heartwarming stories that help readers cope with death or develop a healthy understanding of difficult subjects.

Instagram: @yunobook (

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